Test Equipment and Accommodations:

Specialized Testing Equipment

  Take a look at vast array of the specialized testing equipment we have. This includes our Atlas Interior Xenon Weather-ometer, Sintech Tensile Machine, Hart Scientific Fog Chambers, Cincinnati Sub-Zero environmental Chambers, Singleton Salt Fog and Humidity Chambers, Blue M Ovens, QUV Weathering Tester, So-Low Freezer, 2 large Walk-in Ovens, large Walk-in Freezer, Large-sized Dust Chamber, and our custom applications shop among other diagnostic and evaluation test equipment.

  Heat Age Chambers (Ovens)

Blue M Ovens 
 Maximum Temperatures up to 260°C
 Dimensions: 2’x2’x2’




Despatch Oven 
 High Temperatures: up to 260°C
 Interior Dimensions: 36”x24”x19”




Cold Box Chambers

Walk In Freezer 
 Inside Dimensions: 6’x7’x8’
 Maximum Low Temperature: -40°C



So-Low Freezer… 
 4 separate compartments 25”x22”x9”
 (2.9 cubic feet) each
 Low Temperature: -40°C



Environmental Chambers

7 Chambers 3.2’x3.2’x3.2’
Temperature range: -50 to 190°C
Ramp Time: 3°C per minute




Singleton Humidity & Salt Chambers




Cyclic Corrosion Chambers




Atlas Xenon Weatherometers