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A2LA Accredited to ISO 17025


The measurement of the resistance to abrasion of textile and other materials.
  ASTM D3884, D4060, D968, DSM ESX-60261 (3.10), ESX-60523 (4.18), ESX-83217 (4.19) ESX-83220 (4.11)
Adhesion and Peel Strength
Interpreting the results of qualitative methods for determining the adhesion of metallic coatings 
  ASTM B571, D413 (Machine Method), D903, D3359 FORD ESB-M 11 P8-A, FLTM 131106-01 GM 3602M (3.4, 3.5), 3608M (4.1,4.2,4.3), 361 IM, 3622M (4.3), 9071P, 9160P, 9502P GMW 14892 
Alkaline Acid Resistance   DSM ESX-71227 (4.7)
Measurement of the gloss of paint panels.
  FORD FLTM BI 109-01
GM 4383M (
The sampling and chemical analysis of solid natural rubber in the forms supplied to the rubber industry. 
  ASTM D1278 (Part 14), D2584, D5630 (Method B) ISO 1172 
Blistering Evaluation 
This test method provides a standard procedure of describing the size and density of the blisters so that comparisons of severity can be made
  ASTM D714 
Car Wash Simulation
Remaining gloss after test  
  GM 9600P 


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